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Andy and Chad Baker have always been entrepreneurs. In elementary school, the Nashville-native identical twin brothers competed with the school bookstore by slashing prices on pencils and selling their wares directly to students.


By high school, they were operating a mobile car detailing service and collecting cash from a fleet of 50 vending machines. In fact, in high school both of them were voted “Most Likely to Succeed”.

Their entrepreneurial exploits over the years have included coupon cards, restroom advertising, importing products from China, manufacturing products domestically, doggie daycare, retail pet supply stores, and of course, real estate. They currently own nearly sixty units between their commercial and residential rental properties, mostly in hipster East Nashville, where Jack White owns a record store and food trucks sell everything from banh mi to biscuits.

What separates the fabulous Baker boys from the flock of other dreamers, inventors and investors is the enthusiasm, personality and humor they bring to each project: They painted the entire building that houses one of their doggie daycares to look like a dalmatian. Don’t let their humor fool you, though. The Bakers’ proven record of success has come from their relentless work ethic, persistence and an inborn knack for spotting an opportunity and seizing it. They’ve been written about in Indiana Business Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Emerging Business Magazine, The Herald Times, The Tennessean, the Nashville Scene and on, to a name a few.

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